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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we support 3 exchanges with close to 4000 stocks:

Bursa Malaysia (KLSE)
Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX)

All stocks listed in the exchange can be key into the analyzer.

We also have data for stocks that has been de-listed. You may use them as case study. Full list of stocks that is covered is available in the analyzer.

However, financial stocks (banks, insurance, holding companies) will display slightly different as their financial statements are not in the same format as manufacturing or service companies. Certain valuation tools might not be suitable for financial stocks.

We does not support warrants, ETFs and mutual funds.

You enter a stock name that you are interested in, and then analyzer will connect to a dedicated data feed to download the annual and quarterly financial statements.

The data is then processed, calculated and loaded directly onto your analyzer.

You then have complete control of adjustments, customization and fine tuning to your content for valuation. Once complete, you have the capability to print or save as PDF format.

The tool will take care of the complicated calculation and fundamental analysis.

Instead of spending hours trying to compile data, perform calculations and then decide whether it is worth investigating or investing, the tool eliminates the tedious data work and calculation.

You just have to focus on making objective decisions and doing the proper research.

The tool will help you stay organized and maintain a proper investment decision making process.

The main goal was to create a tool that was easy to use, visually pleasing and intuitive. The aim is to help you quickly understand and interpret the data with meaningful insights.

You need to know the basics, but the heavy calculations are done for you.

With our easy to understand and follow email tutorials, you will be able to calculate the value of a stock as well as gain insight into a company within the first day.

The data in TRV Stock Analyzer is live and we do not set limits on the number of company that you analyze.

Hence, we are unable to provide a trial version. There are live samples on our website which is exactly like the unlocked copy. Feel free to view it, explore and ask us any question if you have.

In the unlocked copy, the only difference is that you are allowed to key in the company name and all the calculation will be automated.

However, we do have a 14-days refund policy should you feel that the analyzer is not for you.

To offer maximum cost effectiveness and reliability, the spreadsheet connects via a third party to professional data feed for its financial data.

The same financial data is also used in reputable investment site like Morningstar.

The data is dynamic which means that the financial statements are updated every quarter whenever the financial results are released.

Summary of quarterly data are available on the night it is released by Bursa Malaysia.

For full financial data, do expect about 2-8 weeks of buffer time for the data to be available. The delay is common across all data provider as they clean up the numbers and standardize them in order to make it consistent.

Data updates are all automatic.

#1. Internet connection
#2. Web Browser (preferably Google Chrome)

That is all! No other installation is required.

Yes, It runs on any platform that has a web browser. You can run it on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet even your smartphone.

For best experience, it is recommended to install Google Spreadsheet apps.

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