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What Is TRV Stock Analyzer?

How it can help you and what it can do for you?

The TRV Analyzer is an all-in-one analysis software and valuation tool for value investors. TRV Stock Analyzer will :

#1. Automatically load 15 years of annual financial data and 20 quarterly financial data and present it in an orderly and easy to use manner.
#2. Perform common size analysis and calculate CAGR for each of the items in the financial statements
#3. Display financial statements in chart for easy comparisons.
#4. Automatically calculate hundreds of commonly used investing ratios like EV/EBIT, P/FCF and many others.
#5. Check for company quality with Piotroski F Scores, Sloan Ratio and DuPont Analysis
#6. Comparing and valuing against peers and competitor companies. 
#7. Value stocks with the 9 build in valuation methods. Dashboard view will show current valuation of the stock.

Take a look at each functions screenshots and explanation at Features Page
Test and explore the sample analyzer at the Live Analyzer Page

Who Is This For?

Is the TRV Analyzer right for you?

If you are currently investing on your own and you are doing Fundamental Analysis, this is a great tool for you. Your time is a very limited resource and definitely worth more than RM 2 per day, with TRV Analyzer you are able to:

#1. Perform in-depth financial analysis in less than 10 seconds.
#2. Automate everything. Save time and you are able to focus on analyzing and researching stocks.
#3. Provide you with a clear framework to identify whether a stock is worth investing.
#4. Help you make better decisions instead of going with gut feelings or following stock tips.
#5. No need to spend weeks creating your own spreadsheet that takes even more time to manage.
#6. Gives you more time to read reports, news and other announcements that are just as important.

You get to use a more “value for money” analyzer that gives more analysis and more valuations than a Bloomberg Terminal which would cost you tens of thousand.

This gives you more time to read reports, listen to conference calls or read other filings that are just as important, but require lots of time that you previously didn’t have.

You can also print the dashboard and send out as a PDF.

This is not a tool for “fresh” beginners who do not understand financial analysis or basic accounting skills. If you are not confident with understanding the numbers, this is not the tool for you.

Dedicated beginners have been able to learn the basics to make full use of the tool. There is a slight learning curve to overcome.
However, if you would like to take up the challenge and learn value investing, not to worry. We understand that everyone starts somewhere. Lots of documentation is available online and a how-to-guides are available. From time to time we will be posting various resources and also company analysis on our blog.

Getting Started

Basic requirements and other common questions

#1. Web Browser (Preferably Google Chrome)
#2. Internet connection

No installation is required. TRV Stock Analyzer works all platform that has a web browser. It will work in Windows & Mac, on your i-Pad or even your smart phone.

#1. Go to the subscription page and select a plan.
#2. Make payment according to your plan.
#3. You will receive an email with your login link within 24 hours.
#4. Click on the link & start analyzing companies quickly

Yes, it requires internet connection to work. The data is live, with numbers like share price updated every 15 minutes.

There is nothing to install.
As long as you have a working web browser, you can start right away. Just click on the link provided to you and and start.

Analyzer Questions

Something about the Analyzer that you should know

You enter a stock name that you are interested in, and then analyzer will connect to a dedicated data feed to download the annual and quarterly financial statements.

The data is then processed, calculated and loaded directly onto your analyzer.

You then have complete control of adjustments, customization and fine tuning to your content for valuation. Once complete, you have the capability to print or save as PDF format.

The raw data is calculated on the back end of the analyzer. We present the data to you in an organized and simple manner.

You may print as PDF or even export the data to excel if you wish. However, once exported to excel, the linkage to the data is broken.

We understand that some figures requires customization (For example, Growth rates in DCF Valuation).

Feel free to key in your desired value in the designated column. The calculation will automatically change based on your value.

When we initially build the analyzer, we aim to be analyzing a particular stock in great details rather than becoming a stock screener. The strength of the program is actually analyzing a single stock in detail and performing thousands of calculations with just a click of the mouse.

Hence, we do not have a stock screener at the moment.

What we usually suggest is that you screen for stock idea with free stock screener such as KLSEScreener, Yahoo Stock Screener,  FinViz or any screener tool that is freely available in the market. From the list, you may analyzer further with TRV Stock Analyzer.

It is always good to have a wider and more basic screening criterion which produces a basket of say 30 stocks. With the analyzer, you may analyze each stock in details and shortlist a few that gives you good quality and cheap in valuation. This process would not take much time. It is always good to do it in such a way to prevent miss out during screening.

Yes. We are constantly developing and improving it. If there is new function available for your subscribed version, it will be on us.

Data Questions

We understand that reliability and accuracy is important

To offer maximum cost effectiveness and reliability, the spreadsheet connects via a third party to professional data feed for its financial data.

The same financial data is also used in reputable investment site like Morningstar.

The data is dynamic which means that the financial statements are updated every quarter whenever the financial results are released.

We use quality data for our analyzer. The best we could get hold of. The same data is also used in various investment site like Morningstar. 

Like all data providers, the numbers are cleaned up and standardized into a single format for comparison purpose.

This may introduces some small differences of how the numbers are presented, but if you feel there are any incorrect values, please let us know. We will inform the provider to get any incorrect information updated ASAP.

Please note Malaysia are not the primary markets for the data provider and even the most expensive data sources like Bloomberg also have incorrect data.

Yes. As long you have the access to the analyzer, the data is available to use.

Just click on the link provided, enter a stock name and download the data.

We host the raw financial data on our own servers to improve loading speeds.

Data is also stored on the analyzer until you enter another stock ticker. Then, data is overwritten. In other words, all data is dynamic and is refreshed to the latest available. If you want to save a copy of the spreadsheet for a specific company, you have the option to save it as a PDF.

Summary of quarterly data are available on the night it is released by Bursa Malaysia.

For full financial data, do expect about 2-8 weeks of buffer time for the data to be available. The delay is common across all data provider as they clean up the numbers and standardize them in order to make it consistent.

Data updates are all automatic.

All stocks listed in Bursa Malaysia (KLSE), Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) and US Market (NASDAQ & NYSE) can be key into the analyzer.

We also have data for stocks that has been de-listed. You may use them as case study. Full list of stocks that is covered is available in the analyzer.

However, financial stocks (banks, insurance, holding companies) will display slightly different as their financial statements are not in the same format as manufacturing or service companies. Certain valuation tools might not be suitable for financial stocks.

We does not support warrants, ETFs and mutual funds.

Currently, we support 5 exchanges more than 10,000 stocks:

Bursa Malaysia (KLSE)
Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX)
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

We are looking forward to expanding to other regional markets soon.

Computer Compatibility

What you need to run the valuation tools

Internet connection
Web Browser (preferably Google Chrome)
That is all!

No. You do not need to have Microsoft Excel. We are running on Google Spreadsheets which work just like Microsoft Excel.
As long as you have a Web Browser (Google Chrome) installed in your computer, you are good to go!

Yes! By all means add it into your Google Drive for easier access to the analyzer.

Yes, It will run using your web browser in your smartphones / tablets. For best experience, it is recommended to install Google Spreadsheet apps.

Payment Information

Pricing, payments and related topics

All pricing information can be found on the subscription page.

This is a subscription service which is based on the plan you choose. You will lock the price plan you chose unless you cancel your subscription.

No. Your prices are fixed for your subscription.

For non-subscriber, our analyzer price might go up once more functions are added in. Subscribe now to lock in your subscription price. If there is new function available for your subscribed version, it will be on us.

The data in TRV Stock Analyzer is live and we do not set limits on the number of company that you analyze.

Hence, we are unable to provide a trial version. There are live samples on our website which is exactly like the unlocked copy. Feel free to view it, explore and ask us any question if you have.

In the unlocked copy, the only difference is that you are allowed to key in the company name and all the calculation will be automated.

However, we do have a 14-days refund policy should you feel that the analyzer is not for you.

We accept payment via bank transfer to our Maybank account. Bank details will be provided once you have completed the subscription page.

We understand that the analyzer may not be fit for everybody.

If you are dissatisfied at any time during the first 2 weeks after purchase, simply delete all digital files, video, audio, and text files you obtained from us.
Notify us by email or send us a message. A pro-rated refund will be provided.

Check out our refund policy here.

We accept payment via bank transfer to our Maybank account. Bank details will be provided once you have completed the subscription page.

We also accept credit card payment via Paypal. 

Getting Support

We offer ultimate support to make sure you are running smoothly

We are readily available via various channel. You may send us a message via our contact page.
You can also reach us in any method below: 

E-Mail :
Facebook Page :
Facebook Messenger :

Contact us any time during during business hours to receive quick reply and accurate information.

Not to worry. We understand that everyone starts somewhere and because we understand what it is like to be learning.

Once you sign up, you will start to receive a series of easy to digest tutorial emails. They are easy to follow and understand with examples and case study.

There are also lots of documentation is available online and a how-to-guides are available. From time to time we will be posting various resources and also company analysis on our blog.

We are also readily accessible to answer questions. It is our responsibility to ensure that you fully benefit from our tool.

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